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VirtualR - Sim Racing News

Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel – SRT Review

Posted: 29 Sep 2011 03:41 PM PDT

The guys over at have released their video review of Fanatec’s upcoming Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel as Shaun Cole takes a closer look at Fanatec’s newest creation. The Forza Motorsport CSR wheel is the first of many new Fanatec products to come in the next months, the wheel is cross compatible to the PC, Xbox [...]

The 4-Day Track Challenge – First Previews

Posted: 29 Sep 2011 03:21 PM PDT

Veteran track creator Alex Sawczuk has a bunch of free days coming up and to keep his hands busy, he’s come up with quite a challenging short-term project – Building a scratch-made track in just four days time. In order to reach his goal, there are a few limitations as Alex will be using existing trackside [...]

Thrustmaster T500 RS Ferrari F1 Rim – Unboxing Video

Posted: 29 Sep 2011 03:09 PM PDT

Alan Boiston of VVV Automotive has received his Thrustmaster Ferrari Formula One rim for the T500 RS and shows off the new piece of gear in an unboxing video. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the VirtualR hands-on photos of the wheel as well, a full review of the wheel is coming up [...]

World Super GT 2 – Megane Trophy Preview Video

Posted: 29 Sep 2011 03:04 PM PDT

After a little while with no news, Team RMT is back with new preview material, showing us a new video trailer of the Renault Megane Trophy for rFactor 2 that is part of their World Super GT 2 modding project. The video shows off a Megane Cup race at the German Norisring in rFactor 1 which [...]

Pixsim Cars for rFactor – First Preview Videos

Posted: 29 Sep 2011 02:54 PM PDT

In the past 12 months, Pixsim has shown off various work in progress cars for rFactor, attempting to bring several historic racing cars to the simulation. Their projects include Le Mans machinery such as the Matra M630 V12, the Lola T280 and the Renault Alpine A443 as well as historical open-wheel machinery like the Alpine A364 [...]

F1 2011 – Two Patches Coming Up

Posted: 29 Sep 2011 02:47 PM PDT

Codemasters is already working on improving their recently-released F1 2011 title for the PC, Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 as at least two patches for the title will be coming up for all platforms. The first patch is a collection of small fixes and improvements, it has already gone live for the Playstation 3 [...]

Korea Circuit for rFactor – Lots of Previews

Posted: 29 Sep 2011 01:46 PM PDT

macci dESIGN have released plenty of previews of their upcoming Korea International Circuit for rFactor that will be available for download starting October 1st. Work on the track started all the way back in the summer of 2010 and the hard work certainly has paid off as you can see below. Located 400 kilometers outside of Seoul, [...]

A Personal Announcement

Posted: 29 Sep 2011 05:37 AM PDT

Ever since starting VirtualR, I put a big emphasis on the site being independent and neutral as I´ve always try to report on stuff the most balanced way possible without giving any title, mod or product any special treatment based on personal preference. To continue with this open & transparent approach, I would like to let [...]

The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

The start I do like

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 09:05 PM PDT

The last season of my Boston story started. The first 12 fixtures were played very well, and the club is located at the 5th table line:

League table

We have never been so high! Therefore it's somewhat sad because I won't be able to continue Boston story after FM 2012 release…

Played matches


You see there was only one defeat to Chelsea! Another interesting observation is regarding 0-0 draws. Boston United had 6 such draws proving the strength of the current defence line and new goalie. Boston and leading Arsenal are the only teams that conceded less than 10 goals during the starting Premier League period.

The most important wins are of course over grand-clubs: Tottenham and Arsenal. Both are described on my additional FM Crowd blog:

Boston United - Tottenham 2:1

Arsenal - Boston United 1:2


League Cup performance

It's also at first when my Boston United managed to win in all 3 rounds of League Cup qualifying into quarterfinals. It's the excellent achievement taking into account that all games were played at the away stadiums. The most complicated round was against tough Bolton which ended with series of penalties. My new goalkeeper Silva reflected 2 strikes with wonderful agility (another one hit the post) and brought victory in this difficult round:



Boston players



Today I can only praise the players. It's a rare moment when I don't have any remarks and happy with players' collaboration as a team. Sure, attacking players should score more… but I think they'll improve efficiency further.

Boston defence was never so strong! As a result you see 2 central defenders Oudot and Danilo having the highest average rating in the team. Additionally, new goalkeeper Silva is merely a miracle. Sometimes he makes incredible saves!

But the best player of the season start is Danilo.




Though Danilo is not the only Boston young star. I feel I have young talented team. Take a look at the next screen shot. In August all 3 Young Player of Month award places were taken by Boston United players.


Later on Esteban Stivan won the award.



Manager screens

In the end I am adding the screen shots one of the readers asked.


Personal information


OK, another Boston story post is written. So now I am ready to start Football Manager 2011 again and continue playing Boston United - the club that got already into my soul.

VirtualR - Sim Racing News

VirtualR - Sim Racing News

Thrustmaster T500 RS Ferrari F1 Rim – Hands On Photos

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 08:18 AM PDT

Thrustmaster kindly provided VirtualR with an example of their upcoming Ferrari Formula One wheel rim for the T500 RS and since there’s not too much photos of the rim available yet, I´ve decided to share a few hands-on photos of the impressive unit below. As you can see, the big Ferrari button in the middle and [...]

Gran Turismo 5 – 2.0 Update & DLC Coming Up

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 06:29 AM PDT

Polyphony Digital’s Kazunori Yamauchi has made a major announcement on Twitter as the Gran Turismo 5 creator revealed a major update for the popular Playstation 3 title. The update is referred to as “2.0″, hinting at rather big changes as all past updates for Gran Turismo 5 haven’t pushed the version number further than 1.13. [...]

VW Scirocco for GT Legends – Livery & Bodystyle Preview

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 06:23 AM PDT

Custom Compagneros have released a new preview of their well-progressing VW Scirocco 1 for GT Legends modding project. The preview shows the iconic German touring car in many colorful liveries and also shows off the plenty of different body styles the mod will include. Introduced in 1974, the VW Scirroco Type 53 was a popular racing car [...]

Ferrari Virtual Academy – F150 & F458 Coming!

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 12:59 AM PDT

Remember the Ferrari Virtual Academy? Roughly a year ago, Ferrari released an official simulator of their F10 Formula One car based on netKar Pro and equipped with up to three laser-scanned tracks. The simulation, which was part of a hotlap contest that gave the most talented players the chance to prove themselves in a real race [...]

rFactor 2 – Three New HDR Previews

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 12:44 AM PDT

Adding to the several preview shots  that have been released during the past few days, ISI has revealed three more previews of their upcoming rFactor 2 simulation. Like the past previews, the shots show the rFactor 2 graphics engine both with HDR (High Dynamic Range Rendering) effects on as we get to check out the sun [...] – Nearing 500 Million Laps

Posted: 28 Sep 2011 12:30 AM PDT is closing in on an important milestone as the online racing service is getting close to celebrating 500 million laps completed by its members. Since iRacing opened for business in mid 2008, iRacing subscribers have completed over 380 million laps, 170 million of which have been completed in one of iRacing’s 30 official series. [...]

The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Before the last season of Boston story

Posted: 25 Sep 2011 09:45 PM PDT

First of all I want to inform that I selected top half finish expectations for the season (excuse me - forgot to make a screen shot in hurry). I do think it's a achievable target.

Now some words about the transfers before season 11.


Players out

Players out

Few comments here:

- I sold Szczesny because I had got even better goalkeeper - Brazilian talent Silva.

- Selling Ben Powell was the very good bargain to gain $10M increasing transfer budget.


Players in

Players in

I didn't do any squad revolution this year because I want to keep tactic familiarity levels on the highest level. 3 players were bought. All of them will play in the main squad.


Silva (GK)


Simply amazing goalie for such club as Boston United! Additionally, you see I managed to get the guy for free!


Jaroslav Janos (DR/DC)

Jaroslav Janos

Excellent right back from Czech Republic. Janos may become one of the best Boston players as far as I see.


Eldin Hadzic (AMC/AMR/AML/MC)

Eldin Hadzic

Versatile midfielder whom I going to use on the both flanks as winger. Pay attention his passing skill is not so good as his speed and dribbling.


Transfer and wage budgets after all

I have a good reserve in both budgets:




Team report

Team report


I have already started the season and like how things are going at the start. So stay tuned for the next Boston story report.