The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

FM Crowd free registration continued

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 02:39 AM PST


Perhaps you remember my first unlucky attempt to start It's great that everything works fine since the second attempt. We are blogging together for one and half of week there.

At first I was intending to make registration only by invitations. But the first month was announced as free for all who want to join the community. Due to the delay between the first unlucky start attempt and the real start of FM Crowd. I would like to continue free registration till the 10th of January.

FM Crowd can boast of the following statistics:

Football Manager Crowd statistics

So hurry up to join our community of the best Football Manager 2011 bloggers if you have no blog there yet!



In the end I want to wish you a Happy New Year, friends! Let's view some best goals of 2010 together! Улыбка




Psp Themes Free Downloads

Psp Themes Free Downloads

Tekken 6 psp theme


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VirtualR - Sim Racing News

VirtualR - Sim Racing News

2011 Is Just Around The Corner..

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 02:34 PM PST

Yes, it’s that time of the year again, feels almost like yesterday that I´ve put together the last year-ending story. 2010 is almost gone and it’s safe to say that it has been an exciting year for sim racing and VirtualR. Aside from the usual suspects such as rFactor, iRacing and Simbin’s simulations, two of the [...]

DIY Steering Wheel On The Cheap – Video

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 02:32 PM PST

I´ve already showcased several self-made wheels here on VirtualR, often high-tech creations made of expensive materials and equipped with sophisticated electronics. Since such hardware is out of reach for most sim racers, some chaps from Brazil have come up with a much cheaper way to build your own wheel as you can see below. While the force [...]

rFactor 2 – Lola T70 at Spa Preview

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 08:56 AM PST

Image Space Incoportated has released a new screenshot of their upcoming rFactor 2 simulation, wishing all sim racers a happy new year and revealing a new car. The screenshot shows the Lola T70 endurance racing prototype at Spa Francorchamps 1967. rFactor 2 will introduce various improvements to the modding-friendly simulation including weather, driver animations and a refined [...]

rfDynHUD 1.2 by Team CTDP – Released

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 08:47 AM PST

Team CTDP has released an a majorly improved version of their  rfDynHUD tool for rFactor, adding lots of new features to the innovative tool. Created by Marvin Fröhlich, the tool allows players to easily customize rFactor's standard HUD, using a comfortable editor that lets you customize and combine widgets, giving you as much or as little [...]

DRM Mod – New Preview Material

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 07:38 AM PST

The DRM Modding Team has released new preview material of their DRM Mod for rFactor, showing off the impressive progress made in recent months. A new video lets us listen to the engine sounds of the Porsche 935 and Ford Capri made by NIL and shows off the very detailed cockpit of the Capri. Furthermore, the team [...]

LMT F1 2010 – Toro Rosso STR5 Renders

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 07:11 AM PST

Team LMT has released new previews of their Formula One 2010 modding project for rFactor, showing us six fully-textured renders of the Toro Rosso STR5 model. Driven by Sebastien Buemi & Jaime Alguersuari, the STR5 is powered by a Ferrari 056 V8 engine. The car delivered its best result at the Canadian Grand Prix when Buemi [...]

Pikes Peak Coming to Gran Turismo 5?

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 07:07 AM PST

A rather odd posting on Red Bull’s official blog might have leaked an upcoming content addition to Gran Turismo 5 as the article talks about tackling the Pikes Peak hillclimb in GT5. The iconic hillclimb track isn’t available in Gran Turismo 5 as of now, raising questions about why it was included in the blog [...]

Toyota AE86 for RACE 07/GTR Evolution – Released

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 06:54 AM PST

Gunthar Rowe & True2Life Racing have released the Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 touring car for RACE 07, GTR Evolution & Race On. Originally made by gonzo-kool for rFactor, the car has been equipped with Simbin-specific features such as working rain & dirt screen, wet weather tires and support for custom skins. Back in the 80s, the rear-wheel [...]

World Super GT 2 – Lotus 2-Eleven Render Video

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 06:42 AM PST

Team RMT has released a new preview video of their World Super GT 2 mod for rFactor 2, showing a short render sequence of the Lotus 2-Eleven model. Built by Lotus Cars, the 2-Eleven is powered by a 1.8 liter Toyota engine, putting out 192hp. Even though the car is aimed at track day racers, the [...]

F1 1991 LE 2.1 – Released

Posted: 31 Dec 2010 06:37 AM PST

Slimjim, TMF & EViL Group have released an update for their Formula One 1991 League Edition mod 2.0 that was released three weeks ago. The update adresses some small issues as listed below, this update is just a patch so make sure to have the initial version installed. Changelog Gated shifting update.. upgrades sorted for AI to use auto [...]

Balance Board Blog

Balance Board Blog

Wii Fit Helps Parkinson's Disease Sufferers

Posted: 30 Dec 2010 01:57 PM PST

Friends Mark Davies and Becky Hurd from Worcester in England both suffer from Parkinson's disease, but are fighting back through the use of the Wii and Wii Fit.

Becky said "It gets you moving instinctively which is a problem with Parkinson's.

Often with movements you have to think a lot about what you are going to do and put a lot of effort in, but with the Wii you just seem to end up doing it.

I would recommend it to anyone with the disease and hopefully they will eventually bring out a specific programme for Parkinson's."

Balance Board Blog

Balance Board Blog

Night of the Sacrifice Frightened Lady Trailer

Posted: 28 Dec 2010 10:53 AM PST

Night of the Sacrifice Frightened Lady Trailer:

The True Football Manager

The True Football Manager

Out of cups but at the top

Posted: 27 Dec 2010 10:29 PM PST

Another day for the Boston United story's report.


The half of the season has been played already. I can boast of the first position in the league. Though I feel I need larger points distance from the 2nd team. Don't want to participate in nervous playoffs.

Boston United at the top in FM11

I think the advantage of my club is obvious in the Blue Square North League. Just try to compare the number of scored and conceded goals by Boston and other teams.

Here are my latest matches:

Latest matches by Boston United in FM11

The most of them ended with clean sheets for my goalkeeper. The best, most impressive one is 5:0 victory against Hyde. I suggest you to view its highlights. There are many pretty goals as for me:


Now about 2 worst matches… Rotherham won FA Cup game in more or less equal struggle (here is the screenshot). Grimsby (they are at the 5th position in the Blue Square Premier League) knocked us out of FA Trophy in the very first round…Печальная рожица  And it's when I dreamt of winning this tournament:

Poor performance at the final stage, FM11

It's happened due to poor performance at the final stage by Boston attackers as you see from the screenshot above. Totally unlucky match! Печальная рожица


Boston squad. Any ideas?

Look at the positive side of the loss to Grimsby I can say that my squad seems ready to compete for promotion in the next season in BSP. Though I am not sure. This is the reason why I think of strengthening and getting better players for several positions. First of all I need more squad depth in these 3 positions:

- DL


- FC

If you have any ideas of good players, just propose them to me! Улыбка

Meanwhile I released on free 2 guys from substitution bench whose level had been below the average in contrast to their wages - $325 for each.

Lee Canoville

Lee Canoville in Football Manager 2011

Jamie Yates

Jamie Yates in Football Manager 2011

Interesting that the last one is the first in the list of players sorted by average rating. But you saw his attributes' values. He just managed to make 3 assists in one of five played matches getting very high 9 mark. Therefore Yates is at the top here:


Player stats in the league confirm that Boston United squad should become the best in this season:

Laslandes - the best goal scorer, FM11

7 Boston United players in average rating stats, FM 11


P.S. My congrats to all Arsenal fans. At last The Gunners won the match with Chelsea! It was the confident and important victory.