VirtualR - Sim Racing News

VirtualR - Sim Racing News

Lamborghini Gallardo Valentino Balboni for netKar

Posted: 31 Mar 2012 02:00 PM PDT

Radiator Spring Racing has released the first-ever add-on car for netKar Pro - The Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni.

CEO Change at Simbin

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 08:46 PM PDT

Simbin has announced a significant change in their company structure as Henrik Roos has stepped down from his position as CEO of SimBin Studios AB.

Assetto Corsa – Historic Helmet Previews

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 05:39 PM PDT

Kunos Simulazioni has released a new teaser preview of their Assetto Corsa simulation that is due to be released later this year.

SimRacingReview – Three New Reviews

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 03:29 PM PDT

The guys at SimRacingReview have added a new video to their increasingly-busy Youtube channel, providing us with three new video reviews.

Power & Glory 3.0 – Car List Revealed

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 03:19 PM PDT

The GT Legends Workshop has released the list of new cars that the 3.0 version of their Power & Glory mod will soon at to [...] To Include Ruf RT12R

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 03:12 PM PDT

Two days ago, iRacing announced a new partnership with German car builder RUF and now, new details have been revealed.

Project CARS – More BAC Mono Previews

Posted: 29 Mar 2012 02:54 PM PDT

Slightly Mad Studios have released the last batch of BAC Mono previews before the car makes it into Project CARS on Friday.

True Football Manager

True Football Manager

Mokosiy versus Mourinho

Posted: 28 Mar 2012 09:42 PM PDT

Loud opposition between Mourinho - Man City head coach - and me this season!Пламенный привет

It's because my Queens Park Rangers is in 4 points from leading Man City after 26 fixtures played. I don't like Jose Mourinho in the real life, therefore I try to build the same relationship. We nearly hate one another in the gameУлыбка


Not a fan

Yes, the competition is very hot now. Though Manchester City has much stronger squad containing Leo Messi, Aguero, Vidal, Shawcross. We can understand this fact looking on their +54 goal difference. Compare with my modest +26…

Premier League


Latest matches

16 matches: 12 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses

Last matches

Manchester City punished us easily due to early red card by my Jay Rodriguez. 0:4 score is another hint that my team is not really ready to compete with the winner of 3 PL titles in row. But I hope something will happen to break a good form of Man City players. It could be, for instance, many injuries or bad results in the Champions League…

Don't want to pay much attention to other matches now. Some of them were described at my additional blog:

- Messi and Man City (about 0:4 loss to Man City)

- Another Cup failed (regarding unlucky FA Cup match against Arsenal)

- Marvellous Champions League (6 wins in 6 group matches!)


Q.P.R. players

Welcome Douglas Costa!

I will start with the winter transfer. Great one as for me! Douglas Costa was offered by Shakhtar for excellent price. It was impossible to reject and cash was spent on this talented Brazilian.

Douglas Costa has awesome attribute values for a winger. He should fit greatly into my Supersonic tactics. I believe he will replace Ivelin Popov who is already 28 years old.


Douglas Costa in Football Manager 2012


Making money on loans


Not much, of course. But anyway I made some good deals for balance which had become negative again after Douglas Costa transfer. It's around $-5M now.


Performance of my players

QPR players


I am almost happy with the performance of all QPR players. I have no serious claims to any players. 

Though special thanks should be given to my forwards. Both Jay Rodriguez and Carlos Fierro score goals confidently. Sure, sometimes they fail moments but in the most case both strikers show their class. I like the fact that Fierro is about to be as great as Rodriguez in spite of his young age. By the way, the Mexican has got two last Young Player of the Month awards:

Carlos Fierro

Carlos Fierro

Carlos Fierro[4]

Fierro's stats


Another youngster should be praised as well. Central defender Samir Breinburg (wonderkid!) has been playing in his debut season better and more reliable than experienced Gary Cahill. I like his Tackling and Heading stats. Moreover, Samir is my first central back in FM12 who is truly great in air. This guy scores from corners using his head and height!

Samir Breinburg




Upcoming matches


Well, all matches I have to play till the end of the season. Though I hope at least several games will be added in the Champions League. From the one hand, Sevilla is a convenient opponent for us to overcome. We had 2 victories in Europe League over them. But from the other hand, Sevilla is leading in La Liga now…



It's quite understandable my Premier League fate depends much on 3 away matches against Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal. The Rangers should show the best football to remain in a title contender status in the beginning of April.

Let's also compare my schedule with the one Mourinho has:

Schedule of Man City

We see Manchester City will also play away against the same 3 grand clubs. So we will fight for a title with Mourinho without seeing!


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

VirtualR - Sim Racing News

VirtualR - Sim Racing News

Assetto Corsa – Tatuus FA01 Previews

Posted: 28 Mar 2012 05:20 AM PDT

Kunos Simulazioni has revealed the next car in line to join their Assetto Corsa simulation that is due to be released this year. Partners With RUF

Posted: 28 Mar 2012 05:06 AM PDT

iRacing's Steve Myers has announced a new parternship on Twitter, revealing that the online racing simulation is starting a cooperation with the German RUF brand.

SRT – Sub-100$ Sim Rig

Posted: 28 Mar 2012 04:53 AM PDT

The guys over at have released a new video, showing that sim racing hardware doesn't always have to be fancy and expensive.

Kart Racing Pro – Beta 6 Available

Posted: 28 Mar 2012 04:33 AM PDT

PiBoSo has released the sixth beta of his Kart Racing Pro simulation.

Forza Motorsport 4 – Alpinestars Car Pack Previews

Posted: 28 Mar 2012 04:26 AM PDT

The next car pack for Forza Motorsport 4 has been announced.

Ferrari Virtual Academy 2010 – 30% Discount

Posted: 28 Mar 2012 04:12 AM PDT

Ferrari is offering a 30% discount on Ferrari Virtual Academy for a limited time.

True Football Manager

True Football Manager

Football Manager 2013

Posted: 25 Mar 2012 03:25 AM PDT


I think it's time to discuss the next FM game - Football Manager 2013. Surely, it should be better than Football Manager 2012 by logic. Now it's interesting to talk about future features and ideas while we have half of a year till Football Manager 2013 release. Normally the game developers - SI Games - follow such kind of discussions. So all of us have a nice possibility to influence the game:

Just write comments to this post explaining your idea Лампочка

Additionally, you are welcomed to share this idea list with your friends who could join this important discussion:


You can also join my Football Manager 2013 group at Facebook which should become the world's most popular one what had happened with my current group dedicated to FM 12.


What improvements would you like to see in Football Manager 2013?

Personally I want to suggest my top ten features that should make FM 2013 better:

1. Enhanced player stats:

        - More types of shots (from under defender, inside box, etc.) and passes (shot, long).

        - Goalkeeper save percentages.

2. Inner blogging. I dream to have internal tool to blog directly from Football Manager 2013! SI Games should consider this because amount of blogs is growing (take a look at FM Crowd, for example) .

3. More feedback from players about anything: last results, club events, media interactions of club manager.

4. Auto-upload (auto-post) of achievements to Facebook page (or even any site!) when season is over.

5. Opportunity to select clear cut chances in custom upload package for Youtube video highlights.

6. More financial stats and control

7. Better animations. Imagine a manager walking along touchline or warming up players.

8. Increase regen faces quality.

9. More participation in youth development. Foreign academies (like Ajax has in South Africa).

10. I want to access player instructions during match in one-click. It's often necessary to decrease tackling level for player after he receives a yellow card.


Controversial features for Football Manager 2013

ask, chat, support, talk icon

There are also 3 controversial ideas I often see asked and disputed by Football Manager gamers. Can't say I like all of them but these thoughts are worth discussion:

1. Becoming a Chairman/Assistant Manager/Coach/Scout/Physio
Some people what to be try themselves in other roles in the game.

2. Spending  money you earn as manager
You wage as a manager is not spent anywhere. Should we have an opportunity to buy anything in the game using personal money? I don't like this idea because it's but many guys would love it.

3. Option to disable regens 
Some guys don't like regens at all. They want to try playing the game without generated players. I don't see how it's possible because FM 2013 won't remain realistic in that case. May be you can suggest a working idea?

What's your opinion regarding all my Football Manager 2013 ideas and also controversial features?

And don't forget to join FM 2013 group at Facebook Подмигивающая рожица


Starting to dream of FM 2013,

Vitaliy Mokosiy