VirtualR - Sim Racing News

VirtualR - Sim Racing News

Project CARS – Ford License Announced

Posted: 31 May 2012 03:40 PM PDT

Slightly Mad Studios have announced a major new licensing agreement as their WMD-powered Project CARS title will feature 11 cars from the Ford Motor Company.

Le Mans Dreams on Eurosport – Episode 1 & 2

Posted: 31 May 2012 03:27 PM PDT

The first two episodes of Eurosport's "Le Mans Dreams" on the Nissan GT Academy are now on Youtube.

VVV Automotive – Two Codemasters Interviews

Posted: 31 May 2012 03:08 PM PDT

Alan Boiston of VVV Automotive has been as busy as always, putting together two interesting video interviews with Codemasters.

Amazing Soft-Body Physics Demo Video

Posted: 31 May 2012 02:55 PM PDT

The creators of Rigs of Rods have released a very impressive new preview video, showing their soft-body physics integrated into the CryEngine 3. – New Mclaren MP4-12C Render

Posted: 31 May 2012 02:18 PM PDT

iRacing has released a new render of the Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 car that is due to join their online racing simulation soon.

F1 2012 – First Previews Available

Posted: 31 May 2012 02:03 PM PDT

Codemasters have first ever previews of F1 2012, the company's fourth official Formula One racing title that is due to be released in September.

Game Stock Car 2012 – Coming in June

Posted: 31 May 2012 01:51 PM PDT

Reiza Studios have released a little release date update on their free Game Stock Car 2012 pack that has been confirmed to be released this June.

Sebring for rFactor 2 – Preview Video

Posted: 31 May 2012 01:32 PM PDT

A first preview video of Virtua_LM's Sebring for rFactor 2 is available.

This Week Inside Sim Racing – May 25th

Posted: 31 May 2012 01:16 PM PDT

The guys over at have released the newest edition of their This Week Inside Sim Racing show, recapping some of the stuff that's been going on in the virtual racing world.

rFactor 2 – Monza Announced

Posted: 31 May 2012 12:57 PM PDT

Image Space Incorporated has announced the newest track addition to their rFactor 2 simulation that is currently in open beta stage as Monza is going to be added soon. – Bathurst Licensed

Posted: 31 May 2012 11:57 AM PDT has announced their newest track license as the Mount Panorama Raceway, better known as Bathurst, will be coming to the online racing simulation in 2013.

True Football Manager

True Football Manager

Fluidity Tactics for FM 2012

Posted: 29 May 2012 10:33 PM PDT

Hello dear readers,
Today I would like to present review and download link of my current FM 2012 tactics. I called it Fluidity because of its very fluid philosophic concept.

Share the tactics with your friends!

3-4-3 formation and team instructions


I chose 3-4-3 with DMC formation bearing in mind ideas:
- 3 strikers organizing goals and closing down defenders;
- Midfielders as active participators in both defensive and attacking phases;
- Defensive midfielder should intercept balls and hinder opponent's attacking midfielder;
- 3 central backs have to work together efficiently to disallow opponents to score goals.
The following team instructions were chosen to realize these ideas.

Team instruction for my FM 2012 tactics


Features of the tactics

Now I want to explain main ideas which became a base for the tactics.


First of all, fluidity. Very fluid philosophy is a key part of tactics. It allows making players to contribute to all phases. To increase fluidity level, I set more expressive Creative Freedom in team instructions.
I think Rigid philosophy would not suit 3-4-3 formation because of large gaps between lines and only 3 defenders at the bottom.

Creative Freedom

It's all about trusting players more than usually. My previous Supersonic tactics had an opposite effect because Rigid philosophy has been restricting many unexpected creative actions from players. This time I wanted to trust them, trust their creativity.
So finally you should have players with rather high level of Decisions to achieve success with the tactics. Attackers have to possess high Creativity and Flair as well.

Defensive Wingers

I have never used Defensive Wingers earlier. Normally people tend to set Winger or Wide Midfielder roles for ML and MR positions. I decided to experiment because of only 3 defenders behind. They merely need help on the flanks when team is in defending phase.
Attacking duty of my defensive wingers means also an active participation in attacks.

Attacking triangle + Target man usage

Attacking triangle in my FM 2012 tactics
Here I have 3 strikers in different roles forming a special triangle. Its keen sword is Poacher (SC) who should be amazingly fast and concentrated when striking a ball. He is expected to become a main goal-machine.

Other 2 strikers sit deeper on a pitch trying to support the Poacher. Especially it touches on Deep-Lying Forward (SRC).

Target Man (SLC) wins headers passing the ball to 2 other forwards. The most long passes are addressed right to him. You should have noticed team instructions have Target Man instruction enabled.
I feel it's a really good combination of roles, though other variants can also successfully exist.

Defenders must to be fast

It's a tactics feature and restriction at the same time. One will fail using 3-4-3 formation if centre backs have average values of Pace and Acceleration attributes. DLC and DRC are Stoppers who use tight marking and sometimes shift to flanks if needed. The 3rd central back covers them.

Ball-playing defender

He has 2 important functions:
1. As I have already written, covering 2 other defenders and making important interceptions.
2. Providing long passes to the trio of forwards. Good Decisions, Creativity, Technique, Passing are needed.
By the way, goalkeeper has a ball distribution setting aimed to this defender.

Pros & Cons

Attacking Phase
- 3 strikers create open spaces for each other;

- Wingers and MC join attacks, so you have 6 players in attack;

- Anchor man DMC works well against counter attacks;

- Ball-playing DC makes amazing long passes that turn into assists sometimes.
- Playmaker MC performs long shots when he doesn't see a good option for pass (bad if you player tends to make long shots often);

- Sometimes a winger crosses the ball to another winger who joins attack. Though they both have player instruction to aim crosses to Target Man.
Defending Phase
- Defensive wingers tackle ball on flanks;

- 3 fast defenders cooperate great, DC covers 2 stoppers;

- It's hard to break this defence because of 3 defenders and 1 DMC in its centre;

- Strikers participate much in closing down opponents.
- Higher than normal amount of dangerous crosses when opponent has formation with AML and AMR.

Backup tactics

Backup FM 2012 tactics

I created backup tactics to play against more strong opponents in away matches. It's more defensive because of 2 important changes if we compare with the main one:
1. Counter-attacking strategy.
2. Defensive wingers have Support duty instead of Attack.

Download tactics

Downloads of my both FM 2012 tactic files are available in FM Crowd Share tactics section:
Fluidity Tactics for FM 2012
Counter-Attacking Fluidity Tactics for FM 2012
Hope you will like my new Football Manager 2012 tactics!

Excited to blog for you,
Vitaliy Mokosiy

True Football Manager

True Football Manager

Season 7 start. 3 goals in 9 matches

Posted: 25 May 2012 11:16 PM PDT

3 goals in 9 matches… conceded! It's my excellent starting statistics. It was impossible for me to imagine so good results after my decision to use new 3-4-3 tactics and perform squad revolution.

Starting matches

QPR matches

It's nice to see our defence performing so well. Now we find ourselves at the 9th line of the table. But this means nothing because The Rangers have 2 games in reserve due to calendar changes caused by Europa League matches. Potentially Q.P.R. can be leading together with Arsenal.


Q.P.R. won games against Newcastle and Stoke very confidently leaving no doubts regarding tactics efficiency against weaker teams. This is what I lacked in the last season. Sometimes Supersonic tactics was not so effective when Q.P.R. wasn't able to score necessary amount of goals.

The other story when we were playing against the Red Devils at Old Trafford. The last season's champions were predictably dominating in the game. And it's actually OK: they have better players and played at home. But I want to pay your attention Man United didn't manage to create at least one clear cut chance.

Vs Man Utd

0:0 draw at Old Trafford was provided by excellent cooperation of defenders and goalkeeper ter Stegen. Gary Cahill (I still believe in him) got the Man of the Match Award making many crucial interceptions and covering other two backs.

Player ratings in game vs Man Unitd


Carling Cup misfortune

Carling Cup is the most unlucky tournament for Queens Park Rangers. You can reassure in this fact looking into my Story Achievements. I have never reached semi-final stage in Carling Cup…

This year we had unlucky draw in the 3rd round making us to play away against robust Wolves. We beat them in every football component but score… Total misfortune.

Carling Cup failure

Wolves - QPR


Europa League

Easy confident 4 wins in qualification rounds against Trnava and Tavria brough us into this Europa League group.

Europa League

Q.P.R. has to finish at the 1st place. My confidence was underlined by amazing 5:0 away victory over Zenit, the strongest club of all group competitors. Watch the goals!

5-star triumph in Russia


Q.P.R. players

QPR players

QPR players[4]

It's too early to say something about the numerous Q.P.R. newcomers. Most of them are still on adaptation course. Though our $42 million signing Mats Hummels has started to work out spent money earlier than others. That's what I actually expected!

The best player of the first 2 months is Carlos Fierro who managed to score 10 goals in 7(1) matches. He plays as a keen poacher receiving passes from two other forwards and central playmaker. So it's not a surprize that Bazan, Sigporsson, and Douglas Costa have the same statistics: 1 goal + 3 assists.

Carlos Fierro

Fierro has been scoring nearly every 2nd shot!

High stats


Upcoming matches


I can't wait for the 2 next months because they are quite easy. The only exception is 2 away games against Liverpool and Tottenham. Pay attention that Q.P.R. must play these matches in 3 days due to calendar changes.

In the end of this period I expect to win Europa League group and be in Top-4 in the Premier League.

By the way, the next post will be dedicated to the new tactical approach.


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

VirtualR - Sim Racing News

VirtualR - Sim Racing News

Audi TT-R DTM 2003-2004 – Released

Posted: 26 May 2012 12:38 PM PDT

Schraubzwinge, Alekss & friends have released their Audi TT-R DTM 2003-2004 for GTR2, bringing a very popular DTM touring car to the simulation.

Schleizer Dreieck 2012 for rFactor – Released

Posted: 26 May 2012 11:27 AM PDT

Track505 has released a new version of his Schleizer Dreieck for rFactor, bringing a famous venue of East German racing to the simulation.

VirtualR - Sim Racing News

VirtualR - Sim Racing News

Project CARS – Build 221 Available

Posted: 25 May 2012 06:09 AM PDT

Slightly Mad Studios have released the newest weekly build of their WMD-powered Project CARS title. – Cadillac Making Off

Posted: 25 May 2012 04:06 AM PDT

A few weeks ago, added the Cadillac CTS-V race car to their online racing simulation, giving all members free access to the SCCA Pirelli World Challenge car.

Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends – New Video Trailer

Posted: 24 May 2012 04:41 PM PDT

Atari, Rombax Games and Bigben Interactive have released a new video trailer of Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends.

rFactor 2 – VMod Vs. rFMod + Monza Peek

Posted: 24 May 2012 04:15 PM PDT

Following the release of rFactor 2 Build 85 yesterday, Image Space Incorporated has released a new video, showing the VMod & rFMod packaging of content in action.

Project CARS – Developer Audio Interview

Posted: 24 May 2012 03:59 PM PDT

BagoGames has held a very interesting audio interview with Slightly Mad Studios' Creative Director Andy Tudor