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Football Manager 2011 Patches

Posted: 26 Oct 2010 10:14 PM PDT

Football Manager 2011 patches

Today I am going to share and discuss some interesting FM 11 information announced by Miles Jacobson in his blog.

Football Manager 2011 patching strategy

First of all I'd like to notice that information about patching strategy is already uncovered. It is really great because we can be sure we will not be leaved alone with Football Manager 2011 bugsУлыбка 

So the following facts about FM 11 patches are known at the moment:

- Patch #1 will come out on the day of release. It will include dark skin, last changes for Liverpool owners and some Steam extras.

- Patch #2 will be released in December. It will contain a lot of bug fixes due to our reports.

- Patch #3 is planned to be produced in February/March. The main idea behind this patch is players database updated after winter transfers.

As for me it's pretty efficient patching strategy. Especially I am happy to know that very soon we will receive dark skin for FM 11. Because the default light one strikes my eyes, I certainly don't like it.


By the way in future I am going to put here links on all released Football Manager 2011 patches. So you'll be able to use this page to download them.

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