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The True Football Manager

FM Pundit – one of the best FM blogs in the Web

Posted: 18 Feb 2011 11:35 PM PST

FM Pundit

There are many different Football Manager 2011 blogs and stories in the Web apart from the blog you're reading now. For a new FM gamer it's a complicated task  to find a good FM resource containing smart thoughts and ideas.  In my mind Football Manager Pundit is one of the best such sites actually.

Thomas Levin - the Author

Thomas Levin

Thomas Levin is a person with 10 years of experience in Football Manager. It helps him to write really intelligent articles at the blog. By the way, he started FM Pundit blog more than two years ago (October, 2009) growing from active Football Manager community contributor at FM View site

Read more about Thomas here: About.


The best FM Pundit articles

Now I would like to single out the articles I liked the most at

- Spotting the best young players

- What makes up a coaching team? Part 1 and Part 2.

- Dealing with the Extra men

- What You Need to Look For in an Assistant Manager

- What can we learn from the El Classico

There is also interesting and even somewhat innovative page is Football Manager CV of Thomas Levin. Hope you like these FM Pundit articles if you still haven't read them!


Sincerely, I appreciate much people like Thomas who develop Football Manager community creating sites devoted to FM and sharing wise ideas with everybody.

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