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VirtualR - Sim Racing News – New British Tracks Coming

Posted: 19 Jun 2012 03:58 PM PDT

iRacing has announced the addition of four new British tracks to their online racing simulation.

Simbin Announces Zandvoort Licensing Agreement

Posted: 19 Jun 2012 03:38 PM PDT

Simbin has announced a new licensing agreement with Circuit Park Zandvoort as the Dutch track will be featured in an upcoming title.

Formula 3 Italia F309 for rFactor 2 – Cockpit Previews

Posted: 19 Jun 2012 03:23 PM PDT

Tuttle has released new previews of his Formula 3 Italia F309 for rFactor 2, showing us first ever cockpit previews of the Italian open wheeler.

ARC_Team FMA-12 Basic Simulator Announced

Posted: 19 Jun 2012 03:20 PM PDT

ARC_Team has announced a new basic version of their FMA-12 monocoque simulator.

Game Stock Car 2012 – Camaro SS Video

Posted: 19 Jun 2012 03:10 PM PDT

Erick Nagy has created a stunning preview video of Game Stock Car's upcoming 2012 update pack.

Croft for rFactor 2 – Lots of New Previews

Posted: 19 Jun 2012 03:06 PM PDT

feels3 has released new previews of his Croft for rFactor 2, the first major scratch-made track for ISI's new simulation.

Heartland Park Topeka for rFactor 2 1.01 – Released

Posted: 18 Jun 2012 03:59 PM PDT

Ethone has released an updated version of his Heartland Park Topeka track for rFactor 2 that was originally released a month ago. – Las Vegas Reality Check

Posted: 18 Jun 2012 03:53 PM PDT

Dream Racing has posted a very interesting reality check video of iRacing's Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Enduracers Porsche GT3 Series – New Previews

Posted: 18 Jun 2012 03:49 PM PDT

Team EnduRacers have released lots of new previews of their Porsche GT3 Cup Series mod for rFactor and a yet not revealed platform.
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