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Carlos Fierro in Football Manager 2012

Posted: 23 Jul 2012 10:32 PM PDT

Today my words about the Mexican striker who is present among all other FM 2012 wonderkids in my list.

I bought Fierro before the 3rd season (2013/14) for only $2.4M. In the 8th season he costs $14.25M and one of the best Premier League goal scorers after 12 fixtures

PL goal scorers, season 8

Trainings efficiency

Let's take a look how much my trainings schedule were efficient for Fierro together with 4 - 4.5 starred coaches and good facilities.

Striker training schedule

Shooting is a top priority in the schedule as you see.  Other important things like Ball Control, Attacking, Tactics are on the same pretty high level. Physical attributes have also be trained quite much with some preference to Aerobic category. It resulted in Heavy workload which didn't harm Carlos much, he got only 3 injuries during trainings for 5.5 years. It's OK as for me.

Fierro's injuries


We may compare his attribute values after all.

Carlos Fierro in 2013

His transfer move to Queens Park Rangers is described in 'Amazing season 3 start' post.

Carlos Fierro in 2013


Carlos Fierro in 2018

Carlos Fierro in 2018

You see his progress was really fantastic. Carlos Fierro has already turned into World Class striker!


Growth of Attacking attributes

Attacking attributes, Fierro


Shooting attributes

Finishing has been trained with Individual Focus set.

Finishing and Long Shots

Shooting attributes, Fierro


Tactical attributes

Anticipation, Decisions...

Composure was under Individual Focus during trainings since Fierro's very first days in Q.P.R till autumn of 2016.

Tactical attributes


Ball Control attributes

Ball Control attributes


Physical attributes

Physical attributes

Physical attributes of Fierro


Carlos Fierro vs Javier Hernandez

Fierro vs Hernandez

I could not take other striker for comparison but Javier Hernandez. He is also Mexican!

Javier is a world class forward still playing in Manchester United. He scored 97 goal in 114 matches for Mexico. Incredible statistics! Luckily, my Fierro is on the same way having 27 goals during 35 caps.

As for the attributes, both Mexicans are equal by Technical skills. Though better Fierro has Dribbling and Finishing finishing while his elder mate possesses higher Heading.

In Mental category I would give an advantage to Hernandez basing on Anticipation, Off the Ball, Work Rate, Concentration. But pay attention Fierro has more Flair and Composure.

Physically Javier Hernandez is also a bit better due to high Balance helping him to hold the ball. Man Utd's striker has strong Natural Fitness that will help him not to loose in physics and remain a World Class forward being 32-33 years old.

In the end I finalize saying Carlos Fierro looks like a new Javier Hernadez with slight advantage of the latter at the moment.


Career stats

Career stats

Fierro didn't score so many goals while being in shadow of Jay Rodriguez. But then I decided to sell Englishman and give Carlos an opportunity to play in the first squad without rotation. It gave the results if you glance onto season 2017-18 and season 2018-19 stats.


Carlos Fierro in season 8 (2018/19)




Enjoy 4 goals by Fierro against Wigan


So Carlos Fiero is absolutely amazing forward for me now. He becomes a main threat and headache for the opponents scoring many goals. I recommend this player to be signed for any club. And also I am pretty sure Carlos Fierro will be a wonderkid in Football Manager 2013 as well.

Last but not least, the question from me for you:

What can you say about Fierro in your Football Manager game?

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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