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Transfers caused by covetousness of Tony Fernandes

Posted: 30 Jul 2012 09:42 PM PDT

Hello my dear readers,

Today's post is completely dedicated to the winter transfers in season 8. The point is in that Tony Fernandes is a greedy and covetous chairman of Queen Park Rangers. He sold two my very prospective players without opportunity to refuse!

Players out

Players out

What a twist of fate! I was boasting Abdel Hamid Gomaa in the previous QPR story post, and now he is sold to PSG. Unfortunately.

Loss of Gomaa


The same happened with Dif who has been one of my main central back since the very season start. Therefore it's even more painful loss. Stupid greedy Tony Fernandes!!!!!


Abdelmalek Dif


Additionally, goalie Tomas Cerny had got tired sitting on a substitution bench and was sold for $2.7M which is twice higher than his actual price value.


Centre back instead of Dif

So I lost two brilliant youngsters and had to analyse several squad positions. I have 5 centre backs in my team + anchor man Zargo Toure who can play on the last line as well. Well, I decided to stay away from headache of signing new DC and rely on young English talent Kyle Redhead. He played as a substitution centre back before.

Kyle gets a chance!

Kyle Readhead


Players in

Loosing Gomaa I understood I have a right flank problem. MR position has only one good player now - Seamus Coleman. This is why I decide to go transfer market to find another footballer who is able to play as right midfielder.

Right midfielder problem

In total, 3 players were bought to the Rangers:

Players in

One of them is Jordi Alba. You may be wondered but I intend to use him on the right flank!

Jordi Alba

Jordi Alba in Football Manager 2012

The best left back of Euro 2012 in the real life possesses excellent passing skills, high speed, and good technical level. Mentally he is also very good having the majority of attributes above or equal to 14.

Alba's versatility will allow me to use him at 3 different positions:

- MR

- ML


Positions of Alba

Though you can point that MR position is at Unconvincing level and you'll be right. But I set New Position training for Alba, so playing right midfielder should become more natural in further.

Training new position

What's good is that Jordi Alba grabbed the Man of the Match award in his debut game for my team. He made 2 assists providing a victory against weak Brighton in FA Cup. Jordi deserved his 9.0 average rating with great passes, ball interruptions, runs…

Welcome to the Team Jordi Alba!

QPR - Brighton stats

QPR - Brighton


Nick Uguz


Young nice defensive midfielder. It was too tempting not to sign Uguz for just $700K.


Guilermo Ochoa

Guilermo Ochoa in FM 2012

Ochoa comes to Q.P.R. to be a new backup goalkeeper.


Balance and wage budget

Wage budget

Wage budget has grown because of high salary given to Alba. Young Gomaa and Dif costed much lower money every week. But I am still in $200K below set wage limit. That is inspiring!

Balance is also quite good now. Especially if one counts that I ordered enhancements of the training and youth facilities.



So there it is.

How do you like my signing of Jordi Alba?


Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosiy

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