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The second trophy in Q.P.R. story

Posted: 02 Aug 2012 10:47 PM PDT

Hi fans of Football Manager,

I can't say I favour you with won trophies in Q.P.R. story. It's season 8 now, and I managed to win just the 2nd one. Well, not much but at least Q.P.R. has shifted from deadlock. It is really possible you will see more trophies this season.

Carling Cup is mine!

Fans praise me


Strong character was shown by my guys against Arsenal, the team which is the most tough for Queens Park Rangers in this story. It was the nervous final but my goalie ter Stegen showed great concentration and did not concede a goal.

Meanwhile Douglas Costa confirmed his ability to score goals in the most important matches. It's difficult to underestimate importance of the quick goal in the final…

By the way, we have the worst head-to-head stats against Arsenal if one would compare with other Premier League clubs. So it increases victory value even more!



Premier League

Here are all the latest matches played by QPR. You see here 3 losses among numerous victories.

All QPR matches

My attackers scored great amount of goals if we exclude those 3 poor games marked with red circles. In them forwards, in particular Carlos Fierro failed their goal chances which were not appearing rarely.

For instance, more or less equal game against Wolves ended with own goal of young centre back James Smith. He didn't seize a chance to show himself while Mats Hummels had been recovering from injury.

Wolves - QPR


Though home defeat to Manchester City is much more painful for me due to couple of reasons:

- It was a 'match for six points'.

- Q.P.R. should win if we count all dangerous moments.

Unluckily, another own goal happened again. This time our best defender Bernard Holt poorly participated in ball ricochet. Man City was really lucky to win this one reducing points distance to us to 3 points.

Manchester City


Finally the Rangers are still at the top. Manchester City of Mourinho is located at the dangerous distance of 3 points. Title dream is becoming more and more realistic with every next fixture…

PL table


Champions League

It's a very pity but Man City did a slight but perceptible morale reduction for my player. Therefore the next game that was in the Champions League against Lyon is also lost.


It was absolutely not fair to see 3:1 score in the end. I believe you agree with me looking into the match stats. Q.P.R. had more shots, better passing percentage, higher ball possession… but it didn't help.



Oscar career

The last goal from free kick was scored by former Q.P.R. attacking midfielder Oscar. He shaked my convictions regarding passing through the 1st knockout round. 3:1 loss is much worse than 2:1. But I have to believe that at home we will crush Lyon scoring more than three goals. Just because it's a normal thing for Q.P.R. in this season!

Unfortunately, Daniel Bazan got injured in the match and won't help us this season.

Bazan injred


Q.P.R. players

QPR players

qpr players[6]

Some words about Fierro

One of the main problems in the defeats against Man City and Lyon was poor efficiency of our leader Carlos Fierro. Strangely he didn't score and wasn't not really dangerous. Perhaps it's a merit of opponents' defenders but I am not sure. Look at his stats in these matches:


See how Fierro is good in this season at all:


You should understand me why I expected him to score goals in so important matches. This is why I don't want to single out Fierro as the best player of the reported period.


John Fleck

My personal award is going to Fleck. The Scottish impressed me 6 goals and 6 assists in 11 played matches.

I have already given some tribute to him in my FM Crowd blog: Hat-trick by Fleck.

John Fleck


Future matches

Future matches

The decisive season period is about to start. Currently it's very important for me to stay in the Champions League. We should bring goal advantage of Lyon in the first half of the reply match. Thus Q.P.R. will have a chance to qualify to CL quarterfinal stage.

Premier League seems to be more easy challenge as for me. Just because Queens Park Rangers will play at home with nearly all grand clubs: Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea. If we consider the other games, only away match against Liverpool can turn into lost points.

FA Cup is also a tournament for us to try to win. Here is still high competition because of Chelsea, Arsenal, and Man City.

FA Cup

Wish me a good luck! And please try to forecast:

What other tournaments will my Q.P.R. win this year?

Excited to blog for you,

Vitaliy Mokosy

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