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Poll #2: What club should I manage in FM 13?

Posted: 08 Oct 2012 04:34 AM PDT

Dear readers, 

It's time to choose a club for me in FM 2013. Due to the previous poll results I will start in England. The Championship league was selected by me personally because the previous 3 stories had been started in other leagues. I liked a lot of opinions written by you in the last post's comments; many of them are well-reasoned I confess. Therefore 12 Championship clubs were taken for the final poll making club choice more sophisticated and entertaining simultaneously.

Why some clubs were not taken

Blackburn, Wolves, Bolton, Cardiff City are Championship favourites this season. Therefore I decided not to put them into the poll. I prefer start managing average or bottom club. It should be more tough challenge, and thus most likely my team will play at least 2 seasons in the Championship.

Other clubs were not included just because actually I chose the most asked ones and limited voting options to 12 variants.

Voting started!

The final FM 2013 poll is officially opened! It's available at the right sidebar and will be held on till Sunday, 13th. Pay attention that blog post comments are not counted as votes.

Please vote and decide my destiny in Football Manager 2013! I appreciate your opinion much!

Can't wait till your future decision, 
Vitaliy Mokosiy

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