True Football Manager

True Football Manager

FM 2014 Release Date

Posted: 13 Sep 2013 09:29 AM PDT

Hurray dear friends! It's officially stated that Football Manager 2014 will be released at Thursday October 31st at 00.01am GMT. Find these and other news like Steam Cloud, Steam Workshop, ability to upload highlights with different cameras, etc in the fresh video with Miles Jacobson: I am really excited with FM 2014! Vitaliy Mokosiy

Nottingham Forest: Where are they now?

Posted: 12 Sep 2013 09:50 PM PDT

Hello dear blog readers, One of you asked me to blog about today's topic. So I'd like to recall the best Forest players of my first 3 years in Nottingham Forest. Where are they now? What do they do? In particular, I am interested in the initial squad I had at the start. Yes, it's going to be a little bit sentimental blog post :) Class of 2012 One the most flamboyant seasons because I had first
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