VirtualR - Sim Racing News

VirtualR - Sim Racing News

rFactor 2 – Drying Line Demo Video

Posted: 26 Jun 2012 04:10 PM PDT

ISI's Tim Wheatley has put up an interesting rFactor 2 video, showing off the dynamic drying line in full effect.

This Week Inside Sim Racing – June 23rd

Posted: 26 Jun 2012 04:03 PM PDT

The guys over at have released the newest edition of their This Week Inside Sim Racing show, recapping some of the stuff that's been going on in the virtual racing world.

F1 2012 – Two New Previews

Posted: 26 Jun 2012 03:54 PM PDT

Codemasters have released two new preview shots of their F1 2012 title for the PC and gaming consoles.

rFactor 2 – Car Production Making-Of

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 05:32 PM PDT

Image Space Incorporated has released a bunch of new technical info of their rFactor 2 simulation, giving us a detailed look at how car production for the title works.

CTDP On Their Past, Present & Future

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 05:08 PM PDT

Team CTDP has published a detailed and honest blog posting, outlining the team's past, present & future as the team faces the struggles of a changing community.

SimRacing Hardware – Introducing The Monsta

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 05:01 PM PDT

SimRacing Hardware has unveiled their newest product, the Monsta.

Project CARS – Formula Gulf & Ruapuna Coming

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 04:49 PM PDT

A new car & track combination will be coming to Project CARS as the Formula Gulf & Ruapuana Raceway have been announced.

World Super GT 2 – New WR LM94 Previews

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 04:43 PM PDT

Team RMT has released new previews of their World Super GT 2 mod for rFactor 2.

Sim Racing Review – Track Boss Button Box

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 04:36 PM PDT

Doug Meyer of Sim Racing Review reviews the Derek Spear Track Boss button box.

Botniaring 0.53 – Released

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 04:28 PM PDT

Jka has released a a new and improved version of his Botniaring track for rFactor 2.

Team VVV – Rseat Evo Review

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 04:24 PM PDT

Alan Boiston of VVV Automotive reviews the Rseat Evo gaming seat.

Fanatec – Beta Driver 128 Available

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 04:19 PM PDT

Fanatec has released a new beta driver version, inviting all wheel owners to try it.
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